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The Boards

Eco Friendly
Hand Made USA

Take me to the boards already!!!

Each SuperGreen Board is crafted with love in our shop. We take into consideration each riders weight, height, shoe size and a number of other factors to produce the perfect board.

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Cool Press

SuperGreen in Men's Journal
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Custom boards
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Custom Board Contest 2011

SuperGreen is looking for the next greatest board design and we want you to design it! From January 28th to Febuary 7th 2011 we'll be accepting submissions for the contest.

Just design a board send it in and you could win that board of your dreams made just for you!

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Completes 19.99
Decks 9.99

In the US

Get that SuperGreen Board faster! We've introduced flat rate shipping for all boards. Completes are $19.99 and Decks are $9.99. Take advantage of this awesome deal.

Eco-Friendly Eco Friendly rides

Check out our Being SuperGreen page for all the latest in Green Technology.

SuperGreen Boards strives to be leaders in the green movement just like you! We are always innovating our process, materials, and ideas to produce the most eco friendly board on the market.

We are always open to new ideas and awesome technology, send us your green tips.


Not just a superb ride it’s SuperGreen too...

The world's fasting growing SuperGreen plant, it takes only 5 years for a stalk to mature, compared to 100 for maple. It is also an excellent converter of CO2, converting more than 8 times that of trees. Bamboo is an amazing 17% harder than standard maple, making this one excellent material for long boards.

SuperGreen Boards uses a very low VOC epoxy to laminate the boards, reducing toxic fumes emitted into the environment. Currently technologies are being developed in soy polymers which will revolutionize the green movement.

We are currently testing a fiberglass alternative made from finely woven strands of bamboo. We also use scraps of real fiberglass that were intended for the trash.

SuperGreen Boards
is dedicated to bringing
the cleanest technology
to long boarding

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