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GreenGasm GreenGasm GreenGasm
GreenGasm GreenGasm GreenGasm
GreenGasm GreenGasm GreenGasm

With Seismic 180mm trucks, this board is a super pumper. The 4°angled nose increases the turning of the front truck making it easier to pump this little slice of heaven.
GreenGasm Dimensions

32 " x 8" x 1/2"
Super light weight and durable, bamboo is 35% stronger than maple, and has a tensile strength close to steel.

Built to last from a core of 1/4" bamboo and 2 layers of 1/8" bamboo. Sandwiched in the last layer is fiberglass for added strength.

Designed to last longer than the conventional grips, my special mixture of sand grains is epoxied to the top of the board creating a permanent grip tape that allows you to see the beauty of the wood underneath.

Each SuperGreen Complete gives you the options to select the wheel / truck combination that will fit your riding style best. I have tested just about all combinations, and have made sure each will create the buttery smooth ride SuperGreen Boards are known for.

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GreenGasm Deck Only $199
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GreenGasm Complete $299
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Not just a superb ride it’s SuperGreen too...

The world's fasting growing SuperGreen plant, it takes only 5 years for a stalk to mature, compared to 100 for maple. It is also an excellent converter of CO2, converting more than 8 times that of trees. Bamboo is an amazing 17% harder than standard maple, making this one excellent material for long boards.

SuperGreen Boards uses a very low VOC epoxy to laminate the boards, reducing toxic fumes emitted into the environment. Currently technologies are being developed in soy polymers which will revolutionize the green movement.

We are currently testing a fiberglass alternative made from finely woven strands of bamboo. We also use scraps of real fiberglass that were intended for the trash.

SuperGreen Boards
is dedicated to bringing
the cleanest technology
to long boarding

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